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How to live a debt free lifestyle

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Develop confidence in your ability to create positive experiences with money

Financial Recovery Counseling helps you understand the emotional and spiritual connection you have with money. While accountants, financial planners, and credit counselors can offer great suggestions on how to cut back on spending, Financial Recovery Counseling provides the tools needed to create a sustainable relationship with money by helping you understand the underlying causes of chronic overspending, and defining the behavioral changes needed to stabilize your financial life.

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What are your emotional ties to money?

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What are your beliefs about money?

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What are your behaviors around money?

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Do you emotionally go on spending sprees?

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Are your behaviors in conflict with your beliefs?

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How does guilt and fear affect your relationship with money?

Let's Talk About It

It is my intention to approach our work together with compassion and understanding. While helping you develop confidence in your ability to create positive experiences with money, leading to an increased sense of financial independence and peace of mind.

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"My husband and I had been deeply buried in debt for more than 10 years and it was getting worse. We considered ourselves highly responsible individuals but things just keep turning up that put us further and further into debt. We knew we needed to do something but never knew how to start and quite frankly, were afraid to take the first step. Working with Jean brought us out of the fog we had been living in and made the process of beginning to focus on our finances way easier than we ever thought possible. She was very considerate of our stress level and never set unreasonable expectations or goals. She provided the hope and encouraged us to get started. Less than 2 years later, we now have zero unsecured debt and are way ahead of what we ever thought we could achieve in our financial goals at this point in our lives. There are many different plans and organizations out there that are available, but Jean’s sincerely caring assistance made all the difference in the world for us to succeed." —PD

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